Arniston Rangers Win Against Coldstream

A really ferocious battle happened on August 15 when Arniston Rangers FC faced Coldstream in the Feeder League. The match started at 20:00 and the teams played it in Home Park Coldstream’s home venue. If you placed your bets on Arniston Rangers FC, you surely passed this game as they managed to win with 0:3. If you did not make the correct bet, try playing some casino games instead, at the online casino at Tropicana.

The first goal was scored only two minutes after the game had begun and the man in charge was Arniston’s Paul Power who gave an instant advantage for the Gers. That also resulted in a great psychological boost for other players.

The second goal was scored by Arnisotn’s Scott Mitchell for the result of 0:2 just five minutes before the end of the first half. The second half saw the constant action, but Laurie Jones decided to crown the victory in ‘88, making the final result 0:3.

On their Twitter page, they stated that the team had had a great desire to win and had managed to achieve their first victory in the leagues. Furthermore, they added that they managed to do something which they had not done since January last season. Great job and lots of luck to both the players and the coaching team of the Gers! We are really proud of you and will continue to support you no matter what!

It is a third lost for Coldstream in the past three matches. They also lost 0:3 from Eyemouth United in the last game of the previous season. This is the first Feeder Leagues season for the Gers and their first victory which would be long celebrated after the match. However, it is one long and uncertain path ahead of them. The next match is played against Peebles Rovers on home soil and then against Leith Athletic again as guests. However, the game that comes after that is the one to watch out as they will be playing against Penicuik Athletic, a team that is currently placed only one place above Arniston Rangers FC.

The standings of Feeder Leagues say that Dunbar United is leading with +8 score in goal difference and a total of three points. “The Gers” are in the fourth place with +3 in goal difference and also three points. On the other hand, the Coldstream is currently in 10th place. However, this is still the beginning of the season, and a lot of things can happen along the way. It is a great start for our boys.