Football VS Basketball Betting

In the world of betting, there are plenty of sports to choose from. People often choose the most popular ones in their area, due to exposure. Some people bet on niche sports like darts and swimming, but those sports you can bet on during a specific time of the year.

There are other sports, which have events throughout the entire year. Specifically, two of the most popular sports are association football or simply put, football and basketball. Both are played throughout the year and punters love them. Some bet in actual brick and mortar bookmakers while others use basketball betting apps and football betting apps, in other words, they bet online. So, which one is better for you, football or basketball, and are there any differences in betting?

Is There a Difference in the Quotas?

When it comes to betting on different sites, the quotas might only differ in the way they are displayed, in other words, fractional vs decimal. Both are relatively easy to understand once you get the gist of things. They often change according to the statistics and strength of the teams performing, meaning that betting on the favorite will earn you less money as opposed to the underdog.

Between the two sports, there is no difference, however. The quotas will be displayed in one of the two systems and it depends on the bookmaker which one they will show you. It is worth mentioning that they often have a simple button or a table which shows both decimal and fractional odds.

Which is the Right Sport For You?

This depends on two things. Firstly, which sport do you prefer and secondly, which sport would you like to make money from? If you’re betting just because you love the sport and team, then you should bet on the sport which you prefer. But, on the other hand, if you want to earn money, then you should choose one of them, for the sake of simplicity.

Choosing one of the sports will let you focus on all the details of that sport, the players, teams, chemistry, rumors and everything that goes into research prior to rational and not emotional betting. With two sports, things get more difficult and even professionals avoid doing that, unless the events they are betting on are months apart.

Are There Any Sport Specific Bets?

Well, yes, there are, but they are definitely according to the rules, for example, how many passes which lead to a goal will a certain player make during a match or tournament, to be more realistic. In basketball, how many three pointers will a player score would be a viable bet. 

It really depends on the sports, as these special bets often depend on the match or tournament and definitely on the bookmaker. Take note that they are much more difficult to predict and also pay a lot more.

Whether you choose to bet on basketball or football, note that there aren’t any special differences when it comes to betting. If you do plan to bet on any of the two sports, bet responsibly.