Arniston Rangers are not doing very well in the SW East Premier League ranking quite low at the moment. Fans must have quite a hard time hearing this news, but let’s see the bright side. Considering no bookmakers consider little junior leagues, at least fans didn’t lose any money by betting on their favorite team. Still, if you do like to bet on football, you can use this Ladbrokes Promo Code 2018.


Current ranking

With 14 matches played, they are at the bottom of the table with only 8 points. The boys from Arniston Rangers didn’t manage to win a single game since the start of the season. Speaking of sad news, there’s hardly anything to match this. They had 8 ties and 6 losses so far, but they are not giving up and we should admire such persistent behavior.

One place higher, you will see the Whitburn Juniors with 15 games played and 13 points. At the other end of the table, Musselburgh Athletic has the lead with 28 points, followed by Haddington Athletic with 31 points. Both teams played 15 games. The third position belongs to Fauldhouse United with 30 points but only 14 games played, so they might come second depending on how they perform on their upcoming game against the Glenrothes (10th place with 18 points) on January 27th.


Winter games

This month, the Arniston Rangers played only once, namely against the Whitburn Juniors when they scored a 2-2 tie on January 13th. Earlier on, the boys faced Kirriemuir Thistle on December 2nd, 2017 but no team managed to score a goal, so we could congratulate the Rangers on their good defense.

As for the other games of this winter, we have to mention the Whitburn Juniors who also played against Musselburgh Athletic and lost 3-1 on January 6th. The current 3rd place team lost 1-3 against Dunbar United on January 13th, so we’ll have to see if they manage to pull themselves together for the 27th. Still, Glenrothes didn’t have a great winter either. They lost 2-3 in the face of Haddington Athletic, this being their only game.

Dunbar United had quite a busy winter. They scored a great victory 1-5 against the Tranent Juniors on January 6th after a 1-1 tie with the Thornton Hibs and a 0-1 win with St. Andrews United back in December.

Here are the other results for December 2017 and January 2018, starting with the most recent ones:

Kirriemuir Thistle – Musselburgh Athletic 1-0

St. Andrews United – Blackburn United 0-2

Blackburn United – Bathgate Thistle 1-2

Tayport – Kirriemuir Thistle 3-2

Dalkeith Thistle – Tranent Juniors 5-0

Thornton Hibs – St. Andrews United 3-0

Upcoming games


This month is not over yet, so let’s see what it has in store for us. On January 27th, 6 games will take place at the same time in different venues. Apart from the Faulhause – Glenrothes match we already mentioned, here are the remaining games:

Dunbar United v Tayport

Kirriemuir Thistle v Arniston Rangers (fingers crossed)

Musselburgh Athletics v Tranent Juniors

St. Andrews United v Bathgate Thistle

Thornton Hibs – Dalkeith Thistle