Scottish Football League System Explained

Why do we need an explanation about the Scottish football league system? It is not one of the best and most important leagues in the world in terms of quality. But it has perhaps one of the most complicated ones even though it is rather a small country compared to other ones in Europe.

But the tradition of football in Scotland is long, as is in other countries located on the British Isle. In 2013, the Scottish league added two lower leagues and change things to make promotion for weaker sides much more possible.

The League’s Division

The upper level of Scottish football consists of four main leagues. The top flight of Scottish football is called the Scottish Premiership, also referred to as Ladbrokes Premiership. It consists of 12 clubs with, each playing 38 games, 1 relegation spot to the lower league, and 1 playoff relegation spot.

The second tier is the Scottish Championship, also known as Ladbrokes Championship. The league consists of 10 clubs in total, 36 games, with 1 direct promotion spot and 3 promotion playoff spots. 1 team will directly be relegated while 1 will play in the playoff relegation.

Next comes the Scottish League One, or Ladbrokes League One. The system is the same as with the previous with 10 clubs, 36 games, 1 promotion spot, 3 promotion playoff spots, 1 relegation spot, and 1 relegation playoff spot.

The fourth tier of Scottish football is dubbed Scottish League Two, aka Ladbrokes League Two. The system is the same as with the previous two. 10 clubs, 36 games, 1 direct promotion, 3 playoff promotions, but the only difference is 1 playoff relegation spot.

Non-League/Regional Leagues

The non-league football matches are played between the sides that are outside of Scottish professional football and are not viewed as professional. However, promotion is still possible.

The fifth tier of Scottish football comprises the Highland Football League (Breedon Highland League) and Lowland Football League. Highland has 17 clubs playing 32 games and is granted one promotional playoff spot. The Lowland has 16 clubs playing 30 games with 1 promotional playoff spot and 1 relegation spot. The winners of Highlands and Lowlands play against each other first and the winner competes with the team from the Scottish League Two for a chance to enter the Division system.

The Sixth part of Scottish football includes three leagues. The East of Scotland Football League (Premier division) –  16 clubs, 1 promotion playoff, and 3 relegation spots, South of Scotland Football League – 14 clubs, 26 games, and 1 promotional playoff spot, and West of Scotland Football League – 20 teams with 1 promotional playoff spot.

The lowest tier of Scottish football consists of two more leagues. The East of Scotland Football League (First Division), consisting of 24 clubs and 34 games, with 3 promotional spots, and lower West of Scotland Football League that has 47 clubs set apart in three conferences with  3 promotional spots.

Currently, the most successful club in Scotland is the Rangers as they hold a record of 54 domestic titles.