The Best Scottish Football Players in History

The land of lochs, mountains and highlands is rich not only in natural beauty and history but also in their combative spirit that pushed their warriors in the past and now pushes their athletes to give their absolute best on the pitch. Even though some might say that football isn’t Scotland’s strongest suit, that couldn’t be further away from the truth. 

There are thousands of fans of Scotland’s most famous clubs, such as Glasgow Rangers and Celtic, everywhere across the planet — from Canada to Australia and beyond. Punters and football aficionados across the globe remember well McFadden’s shooting qualities and how McAllister played in the Premier League, so no wonder why sportsbooks like Bet365 help the bettors enjoy the skill of Scottish players and capitalise on great promos such as bet365 bonus code 2019 India.

In this article, we shall present the best Scottish football players in history and sum up their great many achievements. 

Kenny Dalglish

During his long career that spanned over 22 years, Kenny Dalglish managed to leave an indelible mark on the Scottish football. He had played for Scotland’s Celtic on over 200 matches before he moved to Merseyside in 1977 where he became the most celebrated Liverpool player in history. He also recorded 102 appearances for the national team of Scotland and is its joint-leading goal scorer with 30 goals. He won many accolades during his career, such as Ballon ’d’ Or Silver Award in 1983, FWA Footballer of the Year in 1979 and 1983, and was also named the greatest striker in post-war British football. 

Garry McAllister 

Maybe some will consider it surprising to see McAllister on this list, but with a 19-years long career, he more than deserved the right. He had joined Leeds United at the age of 20 and, after a spell at Coventry, he had joined Liverpool and really made his mark there after winning the team’s ‘treble’ in the season 2000–01 that has repeatedly been mentioned as one of Liverpool’s best seasons. McAllister also played 57 times for the national team and scored 5 goals. He was inducted in Scotland’s Football Hall of Fame in 2016.   

Denis Law 

Denis Law is a former Scottish football player that has enjoyed one of the most exceptional football careers any player could wish for. He began his career at Huddersfield Town in 1956 and later signed for Manchester City for a transfer fee of £55,000 in a move that was at the time the largest ever. He then moved to Turin that bought him £110,000 which was yet another record-breaking deal, before settling in Manchester United for which he scored 237 goals in 404 appearances.

Law played for Scotland a total of 55 times and scored 30 goals. Also, he is the only Scottish player ever to receive the prestigious Ballon ’d’ Or award for the year 1964. Law still holds some of the more illustrious football records, such as scoring a total of 46 goals in one season for Manchester United, a club record not broken even today.