The first spring fixtures in English Football

The winter vacation of English football teams is over and we can’t wait to see what games this spring has in store for us. Don’t forget to make your bets with your favorite online bookmaker. If you are still shopping around, here’s a bwin bonus code 2018 you can check out prior to making a final decision.

The Football League Cup final

The first spring day brings a great show for Premier League fans: Arsenal v Manchester City. On March 1st, these 2 teams will face each other in the Football League Cup final. Out of 41 encounters, Arsenal won 23 games and 10 matches ended in a draw.

With only 8 wins, Man City doesn’t seem to stand a chance, but if you’re looking at the most recent 11 encounters between the 2 teams in the Premier League, Man City actually won 4 times, Arsenal had just 2 victories and 5 games ended in a draw. Considering Man City’s leading position in the Premier League standings, things are actually looking quite good for this team.

Current Premier League standings

Before the beginning of the second part of the 2017/2018 season, all teams played 27 games. The leader is Manchester City with 72 points while Manchester United is quite far behind with only 56 points. The third place is currently occupied by Liverpool with 54, following by Chelsea 53 and the Spurs with 52 points. The last 3 teams are Southampton with 26 points, followed by Stoke with 25 and West Brom with only 20 points.

Premier League fixtures

2 days after the cup final, we have Burnley and Everton facing each other. On the same day, you can also bet on the following games:

  • Leicester v Bournemouth
  • Southampton v Stoke
  • Swansea v West ham
  • Spurs v Huddersfield
  • Watford v West Brom
  • Liverpool v Newcastle

It is true that none of these games are major but this doesn’t mean you can’t make good money off of them if you’ve been following these teams’ performances during the 2017/2018 season.

On the other hand, Sunday, March 4th, brings an interesting match: Man City v Chelsea. The very same day, you can watch Arsenal facing the guys from Brighton on their turf. Monday brings just a single game: Manchester United v Crystal Palace, after which there is a 5-day gap until Saturday when you will see another great standoff between 2 valuable teams that know how to make quality football: Manchester United and Liverpool.

We hope you already have an idea of what you’ll be betting on in the beginning of this spring. Do your research and place your bets accordingly without chasing losses or choosing your favorite team just because you are fond of it. Happy betting and good luck!