Top Football Rivalries in Scottish Football

Football is a wonderful game but it would not be complete without local rivalries. It is something that can make or break your season. Some clubs don’t mind where they end up at the end on the table as long as they have beaten their bitter rivals or ended up above them.

The Scottish Football League is one of the oldest ones in the world. It may not be the strongest ones as there are two clubs that have dominated the local league since its inception. However, the league still has numerous derbies that many people are not aware of. If you find this interesting you can use the Betway registration and see how they might fare against each other in the next match.

Old Firm Derby (Celtic vs Rangers)

This is the pinnacle of the season in the Scottish Premiership. Matches between Celtic and Ranges have always been intense and usually determined the outcome of league winner. This is not only the greatest rivalry in Scottish football but is also regarded as one of the fiercest ones in the world.

Due to Rangers being relegated to the lower leagues because of bankruptcy we haven’t been able to see the Old Firm derby for a few years. But it seems that after the Rangers’ comeback we are up and running again.

The Highland Derby (Ross County vs Inverness)

The rivalry between the only two Highland sides started almost immediately after the two sides were formed. These two clubs may not have a long history as some others in Scottish football have, but they were able to form a fierce hatred towards each other.

Both clubs joined the football league in 1994 and started from the third division. Immediately after the first match between the two, it was known that the next fixtures are going to be some very competitive football affairs.

The Edinburgh Derby (Hibernian vs Hearts)

Hearts and Hibs are some of the oldest clubs in Scottish football. In fact, the two are among the first clubs to be formed in the city of Edinburgh as well as the country. The rivalry between the Hearts and Hibs predates the Old Firm Derby, as the two clubs have been formed way back in the 1870s.

Some would say that this is the true Edinburgh derby as it has perhaps the longest history in the world. Unfortunately, the teams were not always on the same flight but found ways to match against each other in Cup or League Cup matches.

The Dundee Derby (Dundee vs Dundee United)

The Dundee Derby may not be the biggest one in Scottish football but it is definitely the most important match of the year for the residents of Dundee, the fourth largest city in Scotland. Played between the only two local football clubs, Dundee and Dundee United, it makes for a thrilling affair each time the two face off.

The teams are separated mere yards apart and it often requires you simply crossing the street to get to your rival’s side. The older of the two is Dundee, formed in 1893. But Dundee United followed suit in 1909 immediately creating an air of competitiveness among each other. Perhaps younger but Dundee United is the most successful club on the two currently.