Top Players in the Arniston Rangers

Arniston Rangers F.C. is a Scottish club founded in the small town of Gorebridge, a former mining town situated on the River Gore with around 6000 residents. Arniston Rangers, sporting their maroon strips, play in the East of Scotland Football League; their nicknames are ‘the Gere’ and ‘Arnies’.

This old fan-favourite football club was formed in 1878, and currently uses the Newbyres Park stadium that can house up to 3000 spectators. The current president of the club is Alex Simpson, and the managers are Conan McDiarmid and Martin Power. The club has a fantastic honours record going all the way back to 1909, with the most recent being the Andy Kelly Cup of 2008.

Darren McGregor

Darren enjoyed a short contract with the Rangers. He made his debut when he substituted Richard Foster in the opening game of the Scottish Championship against Heart of Midlothian. He scored his first goal over Dumbarthon in August, 2014. The year 2015 was a great year for McGregor, as he won Rangers’ Player of the Year and Manager’s Player of the Year; and then, sadly, he left the club by mutual consent.

Paddy Crossan and Willie Wilson

Both Patrick James Crossan (1894 – May 5, 1933) and Willie Wilson (1894 – 1956) started their football careers with this club in the Junior grade, and they even lived together (Paddy lodged at the Wilson family home). Unfortunately, World War 1 called them both to serve the Queen. After their service, they both came home and kept a successful football career, despite the war injuries and trauma they survived. After retiring from football, Paddy opened up a bar, called Paddy’s Bar, and Willie opened up a sweet shop. Paddy died in 1933 of tuberculosis, and Willie passed away in 1956.

Scott Nisbet

Scott Nisbet is a Scottish former pro football player and is the best player the Rangers have ever had. He made his debut on December 7, 1985 and impressed the famous manager Graeme Souness with his play. In the 1992-93 UEFA Champions League match where the Rangers played against Club Brugge, he scored a goal against goalkeeper Dany Verlinden. The unlucky goalkeeper ran out to meet the ball, but it bounced off the ground and flew over him. This helped Scott score this fantastic goal.

Scott Nisbet scored 6 goals during his time with the Rangers and made 90 appearances. He also managed to tally 5 appearances with the Scotland National Team.

Sadly, Scott had to retire from football in 1993 due to an injury. He later made a comeback at age 38 in the Junior Outfit for the Arniston Rangers and recorded 5 appearances for the squad.